elegance and harmony

Wine Cellar Lipa

Slovenia has three wine-growing regions, where the most noble flavors of Slovenian wines matures. We have almost 30,000 winegrovers. Many stories and experiences are woven around wine, which either bring the Slovenian viticulture and wine tradition closer, or reflect modern trends and innovation.

More than a hundred selected Slovenian winemakers present their wines in our wine cellar. We combine a touch of tradition, elegance and harmony, so it is an exceptional place to taste a rich collection of top-quality Slovenian and some foreign wines. Neighboring Italy offers some winegrovers from nearby regions, the result of love for nature and passion for wine is reflected in the wines from Croatian Istria. Of course, French champagnes also have their place in our cellar.

Wine tasting

To book a wine tasting, please call: +386 (0)41 786 281.

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