Winter Activities

Main Square in Kranjska Gora Winter Kranjska Gora

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Kranjska Gora's ski resort offers winter pleasures for both beginners and expert skiers. The best favorable tracks for beginners are located just at the edge of the village. There are also a children's park with a conveyor belt, a short sledding slope, the meeting point of almost all ski schools and some ski rental shops.




During the cross country run you can enjoy a winter idyll of the Upper Sava Valley as along all the tracks you will have a beautiful view of the mighty peaks. 
Well maintained cross country tracks are more than 40km long and are taking you through the winter idyll from the center of Kranjska Gora to Podkoren, passing by the source of the Sava river, and further on to Planica and its known big ski jumps and finally deeply in the beautiful Valley of Tamar. From Kranjska Gora you can start also in the opposite direction, towards Gozd Martuljek. The cross-country tracks are prepared also in Mojstrana. There is also a possibility of the night cross-country run in the illuminated track.

Cross country skiing

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Besides the day sledding on the ski slope of Kranjska Gora you can choose as well the organized sledding at night in the illuminated track. First you are taken to the top by a terrain vehicle and then follows the descent in the light of  torches.


Snow Sleds Night Sledding

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Beginners can try out the artificially frozen waterfall Mlačca in Mojstrana. In this unique ice-climbing center you can ask for protection, guides and equipment rental. The most popular destination for climbers on the frozen waterfalls is the famous frozen waterfall in Martuljek named Lucifer. It is recommended to visit Lucifer or any other frozen waterfall under Prisank and Tamar together with a guide.

Ice Climber

Source: Archive Tourism Kranjska Gora

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