When the traditional spirit is combined with modern style.


Carniola, the land of the Slovenian Alps among the mighty walls and with green views, crystal lakes, mystic towns and primordial existence. The admirable landscape connects the Alps, the Mediterranean, the people and their stories, the past and the present.

Hotel Lipa is a perfect oasis in the center of Kranjska Gora, in the heart of the Upper Sava Valley. Discover the primary glamour with the superior service and an elegant interior.

Experience the snowy idyll in our timeless winter garden which during the summer season becomes a big beautiful terrace


Little things are the ones that count. Therefore, all the time from your arrival at the Hotel Lipa to your departure we strive for the fulfillment of your wishes, discreetly reading from your eyes.



Naziv vsebine

The White Room is a new opportunity to have more privacy in Hotel Lipa. It is opened for different special meetings, anniversaries, small weddings, private meetings ...
Teambuilding in a small hotel in the immediate vicinity of nature. In the Lipa Hotel we are happy to offer you a space which is perfectly designed for smaller groups (up to 25 people).
Welcome motorists and cyclist. Kranjska Gora offers many opportunities for various activities in all seasons.