About Lipa Hotel

When the traditional spirit is combined with modern style.


Carniola, the land of the Slovenian Alps among the mighty walls and with green views, crystal lakes, mystic towns and primordial existence. The admirable landscape connects the Alps, the Mediterranean, the people and their stories, the past and the present.

Hotel Lipa is a perfect oasis in the center of Kranjska Gora, in the heart of the Upper Sava Valley. Discover the primary glamour with the superior service and an elegant interior.

Experience the snowy idyll in our timeless winter garden which during the summer season becomes a big beautiful terrace


Little things are the ones that count. Therefore, all the time from your arrival at the Hotel Lipa to your departure we strive for the fulfillment of your wishes, discreetly reading from your eyes.



Naziv vsebine

Summer adventures in Kranjska Gora
Top wines in restaurant Lipa
Tasting menus in restaurant Lipa

Our history

At the crossing of destiny and roads


Once a railway station, nowadays a modern family hotel. Hotel Lipa remains the crossing of the personal stories, life journeys and destiny, the crossing of the unforgettable memories.

Hotel Lipa is a family company which was built by today’s owners Zora and Nikola Perkolič with their family in an area where long ago was situated the railway station. The railway line which once connected Jesenice and Tarvisio in Italy was built in 1870 and abandoned in 1966. More than twenty years later, in 1989, thanks to the family Perkolič the place again became busy. 


Family Perkolič knows how to please the guest.They always ask themselves  what they alone would expect from a family hotel with the added value. Therefore, the pension by far did not remain just a pension but an open type restaurant was added. The restaurant in the lower rooms is airy and comfortable due to the ceiling domes which seep through discrete day light. Restaurant in the upper area is spacious and bright and in every season the view through the window shows a beautiful panorama.


The family Perkolič is a well-coordinated team, so the guests will immediately feel the hospitality and satisfaction.

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